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      • Grain Crushing Machine
      • Grain Crushing Machine
      • Grain Crushing Machine
      • Grain Crushing Machine

        MOQ:1 set /Sets

        Brand:Longer Machinery


        Supply Ability:100/Sets Per Month


        Warranty Time:12 Months

        LOADING PORT:Qingdao port

        Country Of Origin:China

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      Wooden Crushing Machine


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      Introduction Of Grain Milling Machine
      1.The mills are especially ideal for the even grinding of cereals and feeding stuffs such as maize, soybean, sorghum, sun-dried sweet potato chips, oil cakes and other similar products,and will rapidly take and reduce them all to a finer degree in one operation,with no residue left in the machine.
      2.This machine can also used for crushing gesso, lead powder, slide powder, rare earth, chemical industry, pottery clay, coal and other minerals which is low hardness etc, also can crush a variety of traditional Chinese medicine.
      3.Applicable to individual farmers,small farms and site feed company,grain and oil processing plants, chemical plants,pharmaceutical etc.
      4.The fineness of the final product can be adjusted by changing the screen. Usually match the screen according to the requirements of the customers.
      5.We have several models for choose. Machine structure is rational, durable, safe and reliable,easy to install,convenient operation,small anti-vibration effect.

      Technical Data
      Model Power
      LG9FZ-15 1.1-1.5 50 540*420*410 16
      LG9FZ-19 1.5-2.2 150 680*680*530 19
      LG9FZ-21 2.2 150 700*490*610 26
      LG9FZ-23 2.2 200 800*490*850 36
      LG9FZ-23W 2.2 200 800*490*850 38
      LG9FZ-29 3-5.5 350 700*900*530 50
      LG9FZ-35 7.5-11 800 870*670*1030 85
      LG9-350S1 11-15 1000 870*700*1100 105
      LG9-350S2 11-15 1000 950*800*1100 130

      1.Ask:What is the main function of this machine?
      Answer:This machine is professional for crushing,milling or grinding grain,such as dry corn,wheat,soybean,sorghum etc.
      2.Ask:Why the price is higher compared with other suppliers?
      Answer:We are committed to produce the machines with best quality,we never compare the price with cheaper machines.Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.Hope you can agree to our business philosophy.
      3.Ask:How can we get a best price?
      Answer:Quality is the heart of one company.We can not promise the lowest price,but we can promise the best quality and most reasonable price.On the other hand,bigger order you placed,cheaper price you will get!
      4.Ask:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
      Answer:Our factory is located in Zhengzhou,Henan Province, China.You can fly to Xinzheng Airport directly. We will pick you up on Xinzheng International airport.
      5.Ask:How about your after-sale service?
      Answer:Any question you have,no matter whether in warranty period or not.As long as you give me a email or video.I and our engineers are very willing to solve the problem for you.Not only our machine have high quality,but also we have very good after-sales service.So that is why we have many returned customers.
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