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      • Bamboo Toothpick Processing Line|Toothpick Production Line
      • Bamboo Toothpick Processing Line|Toothpick Production Line
      • Bamboo Toothpick Processing Line|Toothpick Production Line
      • Bamboo Toothpick Processing Line|Toothpick Production Line
      • Bamboo Toothpick Processing Line|Toothpick Production Line

        MOQ:1 set /Sets

        Brand:Longer Machinery


        Supply Ability:100/Sets Per Month


        Warranty Time:12 Months

        LOADING PORT:Qingdao port

        Country Of Origin:China

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      Simple Introduction for Bamboo Toothpick Production Line
      1. Process: Original bamboo - sawing-splitting-bamboo chip flaker-bamboo stick machine-cutting- polishing- - tidying machine-sharpening
      2. Diameter 2.2mm and the length 65mm with two sharpened ends.The capacity is 600000 pcs/8 hours.
      3. All production line need 5-7 workers
      Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine Price
      Bmaboo Toothpick Manufacturing Process
      (1) The above products with original bamboo - picking sawing - cutting bamboo stick - section open piece of fixed width into silk, bleaching, drying, cutting off - length - polishing - neat - remove the defect to sign - nib - remove the defect sign, packaging, warehousing (factory).
      (2) the above 10 sets, production head pointed toothpicks, 8 hours production in 600000, about 80 kilograms.Need machinery operators 5 ~ 7, men and women there is no limit.Industrial electric power with 380v, the normal production of the actual power consumption per hour around 12 degrees.Add 4, 9 machines, production in 3 million.
      (3) if users need to produce a head of a carved bamboo toothpicks, to replace 9 machine with LG - 641 sharpening machine, 10 sets / 8 hours production in 500000, increased 5 LG - 641 machines, production of 3 million.
      (4) every 100 kilograms of fresh bamboo (wet), usually can produce Φ 2.0 140000 x 65 mm specifications of toothpick, about dry finished toothpicks 18 kg.
      (5) the customer for our packing and shipping agents, costs.
      (6) the above 8 machine, our factory has applied for national patent.
      (7) mechanical operation instruction, bamboo bleached, mouldproof, moth-proofing method and accessories (including the wearing parts, special parts and special tools), etc on the other list.

      Technical Data
      Bamboo Toothpick Processing Line|Toothpick Production Line
      NO. Name Power
      1 Bamboo sawing machine 1.5 65 900*510*930
      2 Bamboo dissection machine 3.0 630 3000*850*1200
      3 Bombined flaker 3.7 450 1460*660*1000
      4 Bamboo filament shaping machine 9.1 450 1050*650*990
      5 Bamboo filament set-size machine 0.75 85 1500*650*990
      6 Polishing machine 1.5 120 1050*1050*1200
      7 Toothpick set-size machine 2.75 240 900*700*950
      8 Toothpick finishing machine 0.55 70 1050*900*850
      9 Toothpick sharpened machine 1.65 260 950*650*1050
      10 Knife Sharpener
      0.55 50 370*330*720

      1.Ask:What's the raw material of the production line?
        Answer:The whole sawed off bamboo is ok for the processing line.Bamboo Sawing Machine will cut them into suitable length.
      2.Ask:Which capacity of the whole line?If I want to increase the output,any other machine I need to buy?
        Answer:Usually,the capacity of the 10 sets machine is 600000pcs/8hs with the weight 80kgs.You can increase the output by add the quantity of machine,just tell us your       requirements,our engineer will help you match suitable machine.
      3.Ask:How about the delivery?
        Answer:Usually,the whole line need a 20”container.The final delivery method dependent upon the individual situation.
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