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      • Sesame Washing and Drying Machine
      • Sesame Washing and Drying Machine
      • Sesame Washing and Drying Machine
      • Sesame Washing and Drying Machine
      • Sesame Washing and Drying Machine
      • Sesame Washing and Drying Machine

        MOQ:1 set /Sets

        Brand:Longer Machinery


        Supply Ability:100/Sets Per Month


        Warranty Time:12 Months

        LOADING PORT:Qingdao port

        Country Of Origin:China

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      Sesame Washing and Drying Machine
      This sesame washing and drying machine is a kind of wet cleaning equipment for grains, suitable for large and medium sized flour mills and families with external processing of wheat or sesame seeds cleaning workshop, mainly used for cleaning graded wheat after removing light miscellaneous. The sesame washing and drying machine has reasonable design, advanced technology, water-saving, electricity-saving, saving labor, is the main equipment to improve the quality of flour.
      This sesame washing and drying machine can achieve the following performance indicators:
      Water increasing rate of wheat: 0.8-3%
      Ash Drop: 0.2-0.04%
      The increasing breaking rate: Not greater than 0.5%
      The amount of sediment: Not greater than 0.03%
      Per ton wheat water consumption: 200-400 kg/ton
      Wheat Washing and Drying Machine
      Application of Wheat Washing and Drying Machine
      This cleaning machine is one of the main equipment of wheat selection in the process of grain processing. This series of equipment uses the washing method to remove the sand and dirt on the wheat surface, has the good performance to the wheat to stray, the wheat after washing into the dryer to shake dry. This wheat washing and drying equipment is suitable for large, medium and small flour mills or sesame butter factory.
      Design Material of Sesame or Wheat Washing and Drying Machine
      1. The upper and lower seat of the washing machine adopts high-strength cast iron material.
      2. Waterproof door, sieve piece, the auger sink uses the stainless steel material.
      3. The upper and lower bearings adopt sealed dustproof special bearings and pressure bearings.

      Technical Data
      Model LGS-30 LGS-40 LGS-50
      Capacity 500Kg/h 1000Kg 2000Kg/h
      Spindle speed  960r/min 750r/min 600r/min
      Drying sheet 300mm 400mm 500mm
      Seed auger diameter 115mm 1 40mm 1 45mm
      Equipped Power 90S-4kw 1.5kw, 0.55kw 0.75-6kw
      Dimension 1500*480*1340mm 1880*790*710mm 2400*900*710mm
      Weight 260Kg 500KG 900KG

      1.How do we refresh the water? Does it continually add fresh water and drain the dirty water, or do we flush the dirty water after a certain time and replace it with new water?
      The machine can continually add fresh water and drain the dirty water. So you can use a pipe to add refresh water continually.
      2.How much water does it require per tonne of sesame seed?
       The water washing per tonne of sesame seed is about 200kg.
      3.How does it dewater? Is it likely to damage the seed?
      The machine works through the Auger's centrifugal force to dewater and without damage the quinoa.
      4.What about the guarantee terms?
      Quality guarantee term is for one year. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer. Other malfunctions which are caused by operation mistakes man-made problems etc will be responsible for clients-self.

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